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Title : Health Economic Impact of COVID-19 among Private Dental Practitioners in Malaysia

Abstract :

Coronavirus disease 2019(Covid-19) has affected thousands of jobs worldwide. Dentistry in Malaysia is characterized by high practice costs but also high revenue and thus significantly contributes to the national health economy. The objective of this study is to measure the health economy impact towards private dental clinics in Malaysia and identify the revenue barriers. The data was obtained from 360 respondents of which comprised of registered general dental practitioners in Malaysia based on the duration of practices, clinic operating hours, clinic commitments, salary payments and estimated profit and losses. The results show that most of the clinics are indeed going on gradual losses. Loss of clinic productivity, with lesser patients coming in, lesser procedures in demand due to social distancing are among the barriers lead to revenue loss. These findings are extremely important for policy makers to make judgements and eventually to develop potential pre-emptive and sustainable economic strategies to enhance the health economy leading to national gross domestic product.

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