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Title : General Dentists’ Knowledge about Disinfecting Dental Impressions

Abstract :

Considering the importance of cross-infection control, this study was performed to assess the knowledge of general dentists in Qazvin about the current practice of disinfecting dental impressions. In this cross- sectional study, questionnaires were distributed to 109 general dentists. The questionnaires consisted of 10 questions; the mean correct answers to a minimum of 8 questions were considered as good, the mean correct answers to 5–8 questions as moderate, and to <5 questions as poor. The subjects’ level of knowledge under study was the percentage of subjects providing correct responses to >8 questions. Data were submitted to t-test and ANOVA on SPSS 25. The knowledge level of general dentists was 39.4%, with a mean correct response rate of 6.61±1.83. The knowledge level of female dentists was significantly higher than that of male dentists (P=0.00). Moreover, the dentists with a job experience of ≥5 years were significantly less aware than those with <5 years of experience (P=0.00). According to the results of this study, the general dentists in Qazvin have moderate knowledge of disinfecting dental impressions. Attempts should be made to increase their knowledge through continuous education.

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