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Title : Gastroprotective Effect of Salvia Palestina against Indomethacin Induced Gastric Ulcer in Rats

Abstract :

Salvia is the biggest genus of the mint family, comprising about 900 species distributed diversely throughout the world. Salvia plants are used commonly in folk medicine as a tonic, anti-rheumatoid and chronic pain killer. The present study used an experimental model to verify the possible ulcer healing effect of extract of Salvia Palestina plant. Indomethacin was used as an induction agent for gastric ulcer, while ranitidine was the standard treatment. The effect had been evaluated through PGE2, TNF-α, TBARS, and histopathological study. The results showed a significant improvement in the histopathological study with a significant reduction in TNF-α, TBARS, and a significant increase in PGE2 levels. The study concluded that extract of Salvia Palestina has ulcer healing properties possibly through enhancing gastric defense system and antioxidant with free radical scavenging along with anti-inflammatory properties.

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