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Title : Fracture Resistance in Three Intracanal Posts Types in Restoring Primary Anterior Teeth: In-vitro Study

Abstract :

Creating long-lasting restorations severely damaged anterior primary teeth has been a challenging task for pediatric dentists. Many studies have been accomplished to determine how successful the mentioned treatment methods are, but the results of those studies verified between each other. This study aims to evaluate the fracture resistance three posts used in primary anterior teeth; which are short composite posts, metal ringed posts, and fiber-reinforced composite ringed posts. A total of forty five anterior teeth, with no fractures, no internal absorption and external absorption no more than third of the root, have been endodontically treated. They were randomly divided into three groups; Group A was restored using a short composite post, group B and C were treated using metal and glass fiber customized ringed posts in the same order. Fracture resistance has been evaluated using Testometric device and fracture mode was determined. The fracture forces were recorded. One-way ANOVA and was applied to compare means of recorded fracture forces. Significant differences were found among groups p=0.000. Post hoc test showed that the fiber ringed posts showed significantly higher fracture resistance than the other two groups. Chi-square test showed that in both ringed posts there were significant difference in fracture mode, but in composite posts there was not. Fiber ringed posts showed the highest fracture resistance than both metal and composite posts.

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