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Title : Features of Anosmia in COVID-19 moderate and severe cases

Abstract :

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, numerous people have noted numerous ENT signs (Anosmia, nasal clog, sore throat, runny nose and dysgeusia) alongside other general side effects like fever and headache. Current evidence suggests close relationship between COVID-19 with smell and taste disorder. We aim to review the features of anosmia in a relation with COVID. The present study is a multi-center prospective study, we recruited 300 patients with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 infection, admitted into three tertiary referral quarantine hospitals to receive medical treatment Both the olfactory threshold and the odor discriminative ability were assessed. All tests were conducted by the same clinician. The patient’s symptoms, clinical and laboratory data will be recorded to assess the course of the disease and these data will be correlated with smell testing We revealed that Seventy three patients out of 300 patients (47%) with confirmed COVID-19 reported anosmia and were included in this study No significant differences between patients with anosmia and those without anosmia as regard most of symptoms, other clinical signs. 70% of patients with anosmia were associated with dysgeusia50 % of patients with anosmia recovered within 13 days, 85 % within 22 days. Regarding timing of onset, anosmia appeared (before, at same time and after) of the other COVID symptoms (10 %, 65% and 25%) respectively.

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