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Title : Evaluation The Effect of Oral Cryotherapy Management for Oncologic Patient's in Nuclear Medicine Hospital at Mosul City

Abstract :

The current study objective is to evaluates oral cryotherapy's effectiveness for oncology patients at the nuclear medicine hospital in Mosul city. This study was quantitative research that used a case-control design to collect data randomly at the Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Hospital in Mosul City to assess the effect of administrating oral cryotherapy management from 1st September 2020 until 1st April 2021. As for samples, it was non-probability. The study was the number of samples was (60) samples, was divided into (30) for the control group and (30) for the case group. The total demographic variables of the respondents (case and control group) were 63.3% (19) of the case group and 46.6% (14) of the control group at the age of (41-60) years. The intergroup correlation chi-square was (4.813), P=0.090.66. Seven percentage (20) of the case group at female gender, while 53.3% (16) of the control group had the male gender with the chi-square for correlation between groups was = 2.443, P=0.118. There were statistically significant relationships between the case group outcomes. However, there were non-significant relationships between the control group results at the pre-application stage, after 7, 14, 21 days in P ≤ 0.005. There were non-significant correlations between the study results, with most of the demographic variables at P. ≤ 0.005. We found oral cryotherapy to be a comfortable, inexpensive, and effective way to avoid mucositis. The study recommended more accurate research about cryotherapy, especially in my country, due to the small number of studies conducted in Iraq.

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