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Title : Evaluation of The Effectiveness of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Comparison to Local Anesthetic / Corticosteroid in Intra-Articular Injection for the Treatment of Lumbar Facet Joint Syndrome

Abstract :

To evaluate the effectiveness of platelet rich plasma in treatment of lumbar facet joint syndrome in comparison to Intra articular conventional local anesthetic / corticosteroid injection. A randomized clinical trial study that conducted at General Surgery operation room for a period from 1st Sept. 2020 to 1st Sept. 2021. It included 60 adult patients who were suspected to have potential lumbar facet joint syndrome with failure of conservative treatment, scheduled for intra articular injection and randomly allocated to one of two groups PRP group included 30 patients received intra-articular injection with two ml autologous platelet rich plasma under fluoroscopy and corticosteroid group included 30 patients received intra-articular injection with a mixture of one ml of 2% Lidocaine + one ml of methylprednisolone (40mg). Patients were assessed before and at follow-up visits after one week, and two and six months by visual analogue score for pain. Pain at rest and with flexion were significantly reduced in both groups after all follow up periods. Pain at rest and with flexion and extension after two weeks was significantly lower in corticosteroid group than that in PRP group; while after six months, it was significantly lower in PRP group than that in corticosteroid group. Autologous platelet rich plasma and LA/corticosteroid are efficient, safe, and easy injectable drugs that can be used as intra-articular injection with superior option for effectiveness of platelet rich plasma injection in prolong duration.

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