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Title : Evaluation of the Educational Program of Substance abuse on Preparatory Schools students' in AL-Sader city/ Baghdad

Abstract :

A quasi-experimental study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of an educational program on knowledge of high school students about substance abuse and its health consequences AL-Sader city/ Baghdad for the period of 27th February 2021 through 29th July 2021. A probability sampling (simple random technique) was used, consisted of 50 stydents, that consist (25) male, (25) female, were from Preparatory Schools students' knowledge in AL-Sader city/ Baghdad. A self-report questionnaire was used to data collection, It was included in three parts part I deals with the students' demographic Information Part II students' knowledge about substances abuse. Part III: students' knowledge about the health effects of substance abuse Four Preparatory Schools in the Russafa Education Directorate were randomly selected to participate in the study. The researcher prepared a scale consisting 20 items which are distributed across tow main parts to test students' knowledge about Substance abuse. Students will tested on a variety of topics related to substance abuse. Using data from the research and control groups, special education students' understanding of substance abuse knowledge categories is significantly different. The research indicates that after implementing the curriculum, there is a significant increase students’ knowledge about substance abuse. This research suggests developing and implementing a similar training curriculum for special education about substance abuse to students for all schools in Iraq to increase knowledge about substance abuse.

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