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Title : Evaluation of Stem Cells Secretome and Their Correlation with Aging: A Review

Abstract :

Stem cells have an ability to differentiate into many types of cells and have been developed as therapeutic agent in regenerative diseases. Adult tissues such as bone marrow and adipose tissue are source of stem cells that have been developed as therapeutic agent. Recent study reported that stem cells secreted bioactive molecules that have a role in regeneration for tissue repairing. The potency of stem cells secreted factor as an alternative therapeutic agent should be explored. However, aged stem cells were suggested to influence their secreted factors. In this review, selected articles from Pubmed and others additional articles were resumed. Their secreted factor therapy using several types of techniques and terms including “secretome”, “conditioned medium” or “exosome” were extracted. Herewith, we reviewed the source of stem cells, secretome of aged cells, secretome as a novel alternative therapeutic for skin aging, and effect of vitamin C towards their secretome and aging.

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