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Title : Evaluation of Outcome to Open Repair and Laparoscopy Techniques in Ventral and Incisional Hernias

Abstract :

Hernias can be defined as protruding or bulging tissues through an opening of weakness within abdominal wall muscles. In contrast, an Incisional hernia is defined as an abdominal wall defect. These are the most routinely practiced surgeries performed by general surgeons. Risk aspects that raise the chances of these hernias are abdominal distension, obesity, wound infection, male sex, other associated disease process and occasionally poor surgical closure. The study aims to compare the open surgery with laparoscopic ventral hernia repairs. The data of 100 patients who were operated for anterior abdominal wall hernia in the hospital between January 2020 and January 2021, were recorded and analyzed. All patients were informed about the laparoscopy and open surgery techniques for the removal of hernia but the final decision was made on the mutual consent of the surgeon and the patient, depending on the patient's preference. The study included one hundred patients operated on due to anterior abdominal wall hernia between January 2020 and January 2021. The demographic data of the patients was demonstrated and included. Of the 100 patients, 57 patients were operated laparoscopically, and 43 patients underwent the open surgery group. No drain was placed in any patient in the laparoscopic group, while open surgery group, the mean drain stay was 4.2 (2-14) days. The laparoscopy was found to be showing less complications with the requirement of shorter hospital stay time over the open surgery method.

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