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Title : Evaluation of neurological complications in patients with covid-19 in Thi-qar - Iraq

Abstract :

This paper focus to know lodgment and assessment that effect of the COVID-19 some neurological disorders. (COVID-19), causes a wide range of symptoms outside the respiratory system, although the disease was initially classified as a respiratory disease. Many patients reported many symptoms affecting the cardiovascular system and nervous system; there is increasing evidence that MERS infection can include long-term neuropsychiatric defects, even in its mild or moderate respiratory forms. Data were collected from Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital, Thi-Qar, Iraq, with 200 cases divided into two groups, the male group 150 cases and the female group 50 cases. All effects on the nervous system and the complications generated were measured. A systematic search was conducted based on databases between January 20th, 2019, and April 28th, 2020, By analyzing factors based on the statistical analysis program spss soft 25, results and evidence were found that support the study page, where the value of the risk factor with was extracted prevalence (95%). The percentage was more in females than in men. As for the risk factor for symptoms, the most influential was headache (70-80) In addition to nausea, where the CI (95%) was (84.9-89.5) with a prevalence of 87.2. Meta-analyses were conducted using a comprehensive meta-analysis program, and the effects were studied by relying on the questionnaire results.

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