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Title : Evaluation of Hypothyroidism Patients’ Compliance to Thyroxine Drug in Baghdad City

Abstract :

The thyroxine treatment is considered a standard choose for treatment of hypothyroidism patients in the world. Also, most of the patients with hypothyroidism have inadequate compliance to levothyroxine treatment mainly because of poor knowledge toward self -care. The main objective of the present study is to evaluate the results attendant with compliance of hypothyroidism patients’ to thyroxine drug. A descriptive design (one group) was used to conduct this convey in Baghdad teaching hospitals for period from 29th December, 2020 to 22th February, 2021. A (purposive) non probability sampling was conducted to select 50 patients suffered from hypothyroidism disease were attending to the Baghdad teaching hospitals. The (SPSS) version (25) package was used in the study. The evaluation levels show that low and moderate at border to low, and they are accounted highly significant differences at P<0.01. The study concludes most of studied subjects of medication adherence have recorded low and moderate at border to low evaluation levels, and they are accounted highly significant differences at(P<0.01) and poor patients compliance of thyroxine lead to increase sings and symptoms. The study recommends that provide the hypothyroidism patents’ in the outpatient clinics by guideline leaflets toward thyroxine tablets treatment.

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