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Title : Evaluation of Different modalities of Circumareolar Augmentation Mastopexy in Middle aged Egyptian Females

Abstract :

One of the largest obstacles for plastic surgeons is performing mastopexy on patients with small and medium-sized ptotic breasts since mastopexy has opposing effects on the breast surface and parenchyma in these individuals. These operations are intended to enhance projection, lessen breast ptosis, and make the patient look younger. To assess a group of patients having circumareolar breast augmentation mastopexy using implants and imaging techniques to treat ptosis in volume-depleted breasts in order to achieve a more youthful appearance, enhanced projection, and decreased ptosis of the breast. This prospective study using one stage breast augmentation with mastopexy technique via circumareolar approach, was carried out in 30 middle-aged female patients at Kasr al Ainy hospitals in Cairo and Beni-Suef university hospitals in Egypt who had second- and third-degree ptosis or hypomastia. Depending on whether or not they wanted to use breast implants to increase breast volume, the patients were split into two groups. Standard breast measures, early and late problems, patient satisfaction, and results were all recorded. Over a four-year period, a total of 30 patients (60 breasts) had one stage mastopexy with circumareolar technique. Preoperative testing showed that grade 3 ptosis and grade 2 ptosis, respectively, were present in 5 patients (16.66%) and 25 of 30 patients, respectively. Asymmetry in the breasts of six of our patients led to a difference in implant volume from side to side. Following surgery, according to age, implant design, NAC lift, and asymmetry, 25 of the patients (or 84%) who underwent follow-up showed good results, 3 (or 10%) showed good results, and 2 (or 6%) showed unsatisfactory results. Particularly in grade 2 ptosis where nipple elevation is 5 cm or less, circumareolar augmentation mastopexy is highly beneficial in generating an acceptable aesthetic breast form. However, grade 3 ptosis with NAC elevation larger than 5 cm is more likely to have NAC expansion.

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