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Title : Evaluating the People's Awareness and Acceptance of AI Technologies in Personalized Pharmacotherapy

Abstract :

This cross-sectional study evaluates public awareness and acceptance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in personalized pharmacotherapy across a diverse demographic. Utilizing a stratified random sampling method, we surveyed 3,216 participants to quantitatively assess their awareness, acceptance, perceived benefits, and concerns about AI in pharmacotherapy. The results highlight a moderate level of awareness of AI applications in healthcare, with 43.84% of respondents acknowledging familiarity. Acceptance of AI-driven treatment plans is cautiously optimistic, evidenced by 46.70% of participants expressing some level of trust in AI for diagnostics. However, concerns regarding privacy, data security, and the potential for AI errors are prevalent, with over 57% of respondents citing these as significant deterrents. Education level emerged as a critical determinant of AI acceptance, with higher educational attainment correlating with more favorable perceptions. This study underscores the necessity for healthcare professionals, policymakers, and technologists to collaboratively enhance public education and address privacy and security concerns to facilitate the ethical integration of AI into healthcare.

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