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Title : Efficacy and Safety of Elbasvir/Grazoprevir Fix-Combination Therapy In Chronic Hepatitis C Virus-Infected Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease Undergoing Hemodialysis

Abstract :

Hepatitis C is often found in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) undergoing hemodialysis (HD). This study evaluated the safety and efficacy of fix-combination Elbasvir/Grazoprevir (EBR/GZR) in patients with chronic HCV infection undergoing HD. We retrospectively investigated data of patients undergoing HD, treated with fix-combination of EBR 50 mg/GZR 100 mg for 12 weeks. We assessed HCV RNA at end of therapy (early virologic response – EVR) and at 12 weeks after stopping therapy (sustained virologic response – SVR12). The main objective was to determine the percentage of patients who achieved SVR12. The secondary objective was to determine factors associated with HCV infection, EVR and safety of EBR/GZR therapy in patients undergoing HD. A total of 29 treatment-naïve patients were included. Patients undergoing a longer duration of HD (55.3 ± 30.6 vs 35.1 ± 27.8-month, p=0.001), and non-diabetics (61.2% vs 34.4%, p=0.025), were associated with positive anti-HCV, whereas younger age and lower viral load were associated with complete EVR. Only 9 of 29 (31.0%) patients achieved complete EVR, whereas 20 of 29 (69.0%) patients achieved partial EVR. Overall, SVR12 achieved in 28 of 29 (96.6%) patients and only 1 (0.4%) patient with partial EVR not achieved SVR12. Only 3 (10.3%) patients had dyspepsia and/or fatigue. No patient discontinued therapy due to side-effect. Our experienced showed that EBR/GZR fix-combination therapy was effective for the treatment of chronic HCV infection in patients undergoing HD with minimal side effects. Factor associated with complete EVR was younger patients and lower viral load.

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