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Title : Effectiveness of Online Training Program in Escalating Social Health Workers’ Knowledge about Health Promotion to Prevent COVID-19 in Koja District

Abstract :

North Jakarta is the third most prevalent cases of COVID-19 in Jakarta. Koja, a subdistrict of North Jakarta, is famous for its populated area. Each house is closely-situated to each other which leads to high number of COVID cases. By engaging social health workers, Community Health Centre could leverage knowledge and resources to prevent COVID-19 transmission among the community. This study aimed to perceive the effectiveness of online training program in increasing social health workers’ knowledge about health promotion to prevent COVID-19. An online training was conducted among 35 social health workers in Koja, North Jakarta in December 2020. All participants were given a pre- and post-test based on training materials which include COVID-19 transmission at home, health protocol impacts towards covid-19 transmission, and nutrition and physical activities during pandemic era. Afterwards, the participants were also asked to give feedback about the training program. The comparison of pre- and post-test scores were statistically analysed using SPSS software to evaluate the effectiveness of the training program. The post test score was significantly higher than the pre-test score (p=0,025). The feedbacks about the training program were positive which include that it is clear and interesting (74%), easy to understand (65%), important (80%), and applicable on daily basis. More than half of the participant recommended the module to be hold regularly (54%) and would highly recommend the training to other people (57%). The training program is effective in increasing social health workers’ knowledge about health promotion to prevent COVID-19.

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