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Title : Effectiveness of Health Educational Program on Teacher’s Attitude about Schools Violence in Primary Schools at Suq_AL Shuyukh City Center

Abstract :

The goal of the study is to determine the level of attitude teachers in primary schools in Suq_ALshuyukh city center about increase attitude abuot school violence, and then develop an educational program for them to improve their attitude, as well as to determine the relationship between teachers' attitude and socio-demographic characteristics like age, gender, , as well as the effectiveness of the educational program. A quasi-experimental study was conducted during the period from6 March to11 August 2021. It was conducted in the city of Suq_ALshuyukh city center. It included a simple sample of (60) male and female teachers who were selected from (30) schools select from (60) schools. The study sample was divided into 2 groups: (30) teachers who were exposed to the educational program as a study group and (30) teachers who were not exposed to the educational program as a control group. The tool of this study was adapted from a study by reviewing the related literatures. The data was collected using a questionnaire form that included 2 components. The first section delves into the social and demographic aspects of teachers, such as their (age, gender), while the second section focuses on teachers' attitude about school violence, which includes (28) items. The study's findings demonstrated that the educational program's execution helped the teachers in the study group. The finding of the study, after implementing program on study group, demonstrated a significant to improve the level of attitude of teachers with a high degree through the percentage (70%). The study's findings also revealed that there were substantial differences between the pre-test and post-test in the primary areas of teachers' knowledges and demographic characteristics for the study group. The study concluded that teachers' attitudes about school violence was at a low level before implementing the program, while this knowledge increased to a good level after participating in the educational program. Following the implementation of a health education program aimed at boosting nurse teachers of school violence, the data demonstrated that the research group had a high degree of attitude. The study recommends the focusing on educating teachers about teachers' attitude about school violence; Use materials such as posters and posters about school violence, its types, causes, and effects.

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