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Title : Effectiveness of Diabetes Education in Increasing Knowledge, Self-Care Activity and HBa1c in Diabetes Mellitus Outpatients

Abstract :

Increased knowledge and ability of patients to understand and implement self-care, will determine the success of diabetes control. Diabetes patients often have less knowledge about their disease and self-care activities, which results in low ability in self-management. Diabetes Education is a program aimed at diabetes patients which aimed increasing their knowledge and ability to effectively manage their diabetes, as well as to change the patient's behavior. This study aimed knowing effectiveness of Diabetes Education program in increasing knowledge and self-care activities, and reducing HbA1c levels. This research was a quantitative research conducted in the community, at Century Pakuwon Darmo Pharmacy with purposive sampling. Data was collected using the questionnaire instrument The Summary of Diabetes Self-Care Activities (SDSCA) and Diabetes Knowledge Test (DKT). The number of patients who met the inclusion criteria were 26 people, divided into test and control groups randomly. The mean age of the patients was 52.04 ± 9.03 and diabetes diagnosed from 3.45 ± 2.43 years. All patients were patients with type 2 DM. Knowledge of patients in the test group increased with an average pre-test value of 59.92% to 86.77% after post-test. The value of self-care activity in the test group during the pre-test was 13.008 to 21.923. The decreased in HbA1c level was 9.168% to 8.208%. All changed that occur are significant. Diabetes Education services can increase knowledge and self-care activities in DM patients, and significantly reduce HbA1c levels.

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