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Title : Effect of the alcoholic extract of white lupin (Lupinus Albus L.) seed on the redox system balances and reproductive relevant hormonal profile

Abstract :

This study is designed to investigate the administered effect of lupinus albus L. seed administrated as alcoholic extract on the redox system balances normal adult male mice. Forty male albino mice aged 10 weeks, were divided randomly into four equal groups (10 mice/group) and were handled daily as follows for 35 days as following: Group C mice in this group will be intubated purified water. Group T1 in this group were given white lupin seed extract 5mg/kg.B.W. orally, group T2 in this group mice were given white lupin seed extract in a dose 10 mg/kg B.W orally, Group T3 in this group were given extract of lupin seed 15 mg/kg. B.W. Blood samples collected at the end of the experiment serum. Biochemical test including Testosterone hormone concentration, Malondialdehyde concentration, Follicular stimulation hormones concentration, luteinizing hormone concentration Serum reduced glutathione concentration. Our collected data reveled that there had been a significant (P≤0.05) reduction in Malondialdehyde production and elevation (P≤0.05) of reduced glutathione in the serum of mice of groups T3 in compression to other groups. We conclude the use of lupinus albus L. have immunomodulation effects and then improve the oxidant-antioxidant system function, as well as there was a significant improvement in reproductive hormones and number of leydig cells.

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