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Title : Effect of Pumpkin Seed Oil on Histopathology of Pancreas and Some Biochemical Parameters of Stereptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rabbits

Abstract :

We investigated the effects of pumpkin on pancreas tissues, histological features, and their impact on glycemic control serum insulin, and C-peptide. Our results showed a decrease in fasting blood glucose in pumpkin group when compared diabetic but this reduction was statistically significant. This experimental study was done in the Biochemistry department of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University. Diabetes mellitus was induced in 24 out of 32 adult male rabbits, using intraperitoneal injection of 35 mg/ kg BW stereptozotocin. The male rabbits, weighing 250±20 gr were randomly selected and divided into four following groups: control, diabetic (induced by 35 mg/kg mg/kg STZ) and treatment groups. The treatment group(G3&G4) were received pumpkin 100 & 200mg/kg orally once daily for four weeks. Following consumption of plants, blood glucose was measured every day and on the last day, Serum insulin and C-peptide levels were detected, and the pancreas were removed and stained with H&E. The results of this study indicate that the blood glucose increased while insulin and C-peptide level decreased in the diabetic groups compared with the healthy control group. In the treated group blood glucose significantly decreased while insulin and C-peptide level significantly increased when compared with diabetic group. The study showed that pumpkin extract by reducing blood glucose level and elevated serum levels of insulin and C-peptide has positive effects on morphology alterations in STZ-induced diabetic rabbits.

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