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Title : Effect of Curing Time and Intensity Level on the Temperature Changes of Pulp Chamber During Orthodontic Bonding Using High Power LED Device

Abstract :

This study aimed to assess the influence of different curing times and intensity levels on the temperature of pulp chamber during brackets bonding using high power LED. The sample consisted of 108 upper premolars, divided into three main groups according to the curing time and intensity level, the first group (20 seconds,1200 mw/cm²), the second group (5 seconds, 2000 mw/cm²) and the third group (3 seconds, 2500 mw/cm²). The changes of temperature in the pulp chamber and the cooling time were recorded with a thermal imaging camera. There were statistically significant difference between the first and second group and first and third group regarding the changes of temperature, the mean of temperature rise for the first group was 3.58°C Compared to 1.69°C and 1.29°C for the second and third groups respectively. The results of the cooling time showed statistically significant difference between the three considered groups. Reducing the curing time to 3 or 5 seconds with increasing its intensity level up to 2000-2500 mw/cm² is considered to be safer on pulp chamber during and after the curing process.

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