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Title : Education 4.0 : Are Students Aware And Ready For It?

Abstract :

The aim of this study is to investigate the awareness and readiness of UKM health science programs students on education 4.0. Methods: This was a descriptive cross-sectional survey involving a convenient sample of 265 health science programs students in UKM. A google form questionnaire was constructed including the demographic profiles of the subjects and 10 closed ended questions to assess the awareness and readiness of education 4.0 respectively. Ethics approval was obtained from UKM Research Ethics Committee. The sample comprised of 68.3% females and 31.7% males with an age group ranging from 18-24 years old. Majority were Malay and Chinese students of 45.7% each. Faculty of Health Science has the largest sample size with 52.1%, followed by Faculty of Pharmacy (28.3%) and about 19.6% from the Faculty of Dentistry. Data analysis revealed over 75% of the subjects were aware while more than 65% were ready for education 4.0. Almost two thirds of the students were aware and ready for education 4.0.

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