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Title : Diagnostic study of Hymenolepis nana in patients of Wasit Province

Abstract :

This study was carried out at Wasit Province / Iraq in cooperation with AL-Karamah Teaching Hospital. Samples were collected from many places at Wasit Province. It included 120 stool samples from Iraqi patients, and 30 healthy subjects as a control. The study conducted during period from October to December, 2021 to investigate the prevalence of Hymenolepis nana. Only 12 stool sample were positive for H.nana. These samples were collected from the urban and rural areas of Wasit Province. All samples were examined microscopically using the direct wet smear, concentration method. The result showed that the percentage of H.nana infection among patients and control were 12 (10%) and 0 (0%), respectively. With regard to parasitic infection, the highest infection rate was recorded for the group (4-15) years old. Also the males reported higher 66.66% than the females 33.33% in this study without significant differences. According to the residence, rural areas were reported 75% and 25% of urban areas with significant differences.

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