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Title : Determination the relationship between cadmium and Zinc levels with myocardial infarction

Abstract :

Myocardial infarction (MI) is responsible for any condition that causes a sudden decrease in blood flow to the heart. Certain trace elements play a role in the development of MI. This work aimed to assess the association between serum cadmium and zinc levels and cardiac markers in myocardial infarction. The present study, included 100 patients with MI and matches them 100 healthy controls, age range 39-80 years for both. Serum concentrations of Cd and zinc levels were determined by flameless atomic absorption spectrophotometry using an atomic absorption spectrophotometer, zinc was measured at wavelength 213.9 nm using a slit width of 0.5 nm and lamp current 5 mA, while Cd was measured at wavelength 228.8 nm using a slit width of 0.7 nm and lamp current 8 mA. The cardiac biomarker (TNHS) was measured using immunoassay kits. Serum lipids were measured using standard commercial kits. It was observed that the average concentration of Cd and Zn (1.00494 ±.261670) vs. (.60573 ±.149274), (p < 0.001) were significantly higher in MI group patients in compared with control objects. Conversely, the concentration of Zn (.55412 ±.053294) vs. (.69462 ±.101595), (p < 0.001) were significantly lower in MI group patients in compared with control objects. The same result was also obtained after adjustment for cardiovascular risk factors including diabetes mellitus (DM-HBA1C and DM-FBS) and TNHS (p < 0.001). The mean concentration of total cholesterol (TC), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), and S-LDL were strong significantly higher in MI patients (p < 0.001), except S-T.G in spite of appear its mean higher in comparison to control subjects, However, there was no statistically significant difference. The present results appeared that serum level of essential trace element (Zn) and trace element of Cd are associated with the presence of MI. These results add to an increasing body of evidence that, the Cd is important for cardiovascular health.

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