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Title : Detection of ompF gene in Escherichia coli and it's correlation with antibiotics resistance traits phenotypically.

Abstract :

Porins are part of Outer Membrane Protein (OMP) structure that take parts in passive transport activities of various molecular compounds, one of them is antibiotics molecules. This function caused these proteins often associated with antibiotic resistance in Gram-negative bacteria. The OmpF porin protein is encoded by the ompF gene. The incidence of pathogenic resistance bacteria that causes infection is one of the main problems in the world of health. Escherichia coli is often studied in microbiology field as a model species, especially for the representation of gram-negative group. From the explanation above, it is known that the study of proteins related to antibiotic resistance properties in E. coli bacteria, especially the OmpF porin protein, is very important to conduct. The absence of reports on the protein profile of the OmpF porin in the E. coli group in Indonesia has led to the need to investigate the relationship between the porin protein and the resistance properties of the E. coli phenotype in Indonesia. This study covers the detection of ompF gene in pathogenic E. coli in Jakarta, Indonesia. The detection conducted using amplification by specific primers with conventional PCR method. Results shown that all pathogenic E. coli samples inoculated have the ompF gene. The result supported by the electrophoresis image that shows the DNA bands lied within the estimated amplicon base pair length of around 1200 bp.

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