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Title : Detection of Helicobacter pylori by rapid urease test and PCR technique from gastric biopsies

Abstract :

This study aims to assess the invasive methods [endoscopy and rapid urease test] and noninvasive method [PCR technique] in the detection of H. pylori. The patients were referred to the gastroenterology clinic of Azadi Teaching Hospital and private Kirkuk clinic for upper and lower and bronchoscopy fiberoptic GIT endoscopy in Kirkuk city. The present study had carried out from November 2019 to February 2021. The number of the patient's group was 120. The patients were aged 3 to 75years. Selected eligible patients subjected to examination by invasive methods (endoscopy and rapid urease test) and non- invasive method using PCR technique. Biopsies had taken from 120 patients, 50(55.6%) showed positive for rapid urease test (RUT) in the antrum, and 25(83.3%) were positive in proximal stomach negative in the antrum in the same patients. Fifty antrum biopsies positive of H. pylori for detection virulence genes by using PCR technique. Gastric biopsy taken from multiple gastric areas is more accurate than taking only the antrum region, especially patients who underwent eradication therapy to the H. pylori infection. There is a significant association between PCR methods and the detection of H. pylori from the gastric biopsy.

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