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Title : Dental Practice Assessment after COVID-19 Lockdown at Kafr El-Sheikh University

Abstract :

The purpose of the current study is to evaluate the changes in dental practice brought on by COVID-19 crises, as well as the feelings and worries of postgraduate dentistry students at Kafr El-Sheikh University following COVID-19 Lockdown. The study involved 217 postgraduate dental students from the Faculty of Dentistry at Kafr El-Sheikh University who agreed to take part via an online self- administered questionnaire. Most parts of dental practice at Kafr El-Sheikh University had been influenced by COVID-19 Lockdown. Dentists were giving emergency care during the COVID-19 Lockdown and were concerned about their profession's future, but a year later, dental practice was almost back to normal. Most dentists are now able to provide all forms of therapy to their patients without having any reservations about their job.

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