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Title : COVID-19 could trigger diabetes in healthy individuals and worsen symptoms in pre-diagnosed DM patients

Abstract :

COVID-19 is novel diseases started at the sea food Wuhan market and continue to spread to evolve to be a global pandemic. Our data have shown a significant increase P=**** in sugar level for patients (COV-I-DM) have contracted COVID-19, as compared to the other group of patients (COV-NS) that have shown normal levels of blood sugar. Similar significant results have been seen as we compare their A1C levels, which further support our assumption that COVID-19 can induce diabetes in almost 18% of patients. 80% of Males and females’ patients were in the 50-65 age groups, while only 20% were in the 35-50 years old group. Moreover, significant correlation P=**** has been detected when we compare the sugar level of patients (COV-DM) contracted COVID-19, with their tests before the infection. Their A1C levels have shown similar significant difference before and after the infection, which strongly support our hypothesis that COVID-19 negatively affect endocrine health. Finally, we have not detected any significant correlation between COV-DM patients and smoking criteria. However, we believe that increasing the number of data might detect this kind of correlation. In conclusion, we are in a fair position than many other Middle East countries to react to the pandemic. However, an advanced approach needs to be used with diabetic patients who might hit hard by COVID-19.

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