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Title : Correlation Analysis Between Dengue and Google Trends Data: A Situational Analysis Based in Malaysia

Abstract :

Dengue fever's popularity can be inferred from Google Trends, which summarizes Google queries on similar subjects. Since both the epidemic and its Google Trends have a common cause in the dengue virus, we hypothesize that dengue occurrence and Google Trends findings have a long-run equilibrium. The aim of this study was to explore into the feasibility of syndromic surveillance of internet search terms in Malaysia by utilizing information obtained from Google Trends. This research used in the cointegration method to assess a relationship between dengue cases and Google Trends results. The Spearman's correlation analysis was adopted to measure the relationship between weekly dengue cases with 15 Google Keywords based on relative search volumes (RSV) in Malaysia. Among the 15 keywords analyzed from Google Trends, only dengue (K1) had the strongest correlations when looking at the Malaysia as a whole, with r values of 0.57. Then correlation was further assessed for every state with all keywords on dengue. Strong correlations were seen up in the state of Selangor (r=0.545) and Johor (r=0.542) for the same keywords. This research concluded that Google Trends result can be used as an initial indicator in improving the data system for public health authorities to enhance the conventional epidemiology.

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