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Title : Coping Strategies of Nurses working in General and Psychiatric Wards at Teaching Hospitals in Baghdad City: Comparative Study.

Abstract :

Job stress is one of the main psychological and social problems that individuals and institutions suffer from both, negatively affecting the health of the individual and his professional achievement, as well as the good running of the institution. To compare between the levels of coping strategies of nurses working in general and psychiatric wards at teaching hospitals in Baghdad City. Descriptive and comparative design was used. Using a non-random convenience sample of 140 nurses, including 70 nurses from Baghdad Teaching Hospitals' mental units (AL Rashad Teaching Hospital, Ibn Rushed Teaching Hospital) and 70 nurses from Baghdad Teaching Hospitals' general wards. The scale of techniques for dealing with job stress (Brief COPE scale) is used by the researchers to measure the levels of coping. There was no statistically significant difference between the psychiatric and general nurses in relation to coping strategies. Hospitals must have nurse training programmers on how to face their pressures in effective coping methods.

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