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Title : Conditioning Factors for The Cancellation Of Surgeries

Abstract :

To determine the factors that affect the cancellation of scheduled surgeries. For the location of the bibliographic documents, multiple sources and documentaries were used. A bibliographic search was carried out in August 2021 in Pubmed, using the descriptors; scientific writing, revision of the Simón Bolívar University library database. The articles were searched between the years 2004 to 2020. An internet search was also carried out in the 'Academic Google' browser with the same terms. Those documents that reported on the cancellation of surgeries, causes, consequences, failures were selected. Within the literature reviewed, it was possible to identify that there are different factors that influence the cancellation of surgeries in a Health Institution, since the causes were determined. Despite this, this may be one of the causes that show administrative or programming failures, reflective elements will be identified in said causes as an indicator of quality in the provision of health services, this is done with the intention of avoiding damages in the patient of any kind.

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