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Title : Compare using of LigaSure and Conventional Bipolar device in total thyroidectomy, retrospective study

Abstract :

LigaSure is an advance device that profoundly used for total thyroidectomy. It has been recognised as an expensive disposable hand with limited time of used. However, conventional bipolar device that extensively used for the same purpose characterised by having a cheap reusable hand regarding safety, operative time, postoperative complication. Data of current study collected retrospect fully for period form 1st of January 2016 to 30th of January 2020. A 144 patients underwent total thyroidectomy, 27 male, 115 female, 70 patients surgery done by LigaSure other 74 patients by conventional bipolar, then study the outcome and complication of total thyroidectomy in both group. A 144 patients were included for total thyroidectomy with two different haemostasis techniques (70 patient by LigaSure, 74 by conventional bipolar device). Regarding time of operation, using LigaSure significantly required less time that the conventional bipolar (p value < 0.05). Meantime 55 min vs 85 minutes respectively. There was no significant differences between both techniques in term of postoperative complication bleeding, subcutaneous haematoma, hypocalcaemia, and change in patients voice. The bipolar device gives efficient surgical out come and low cost in compare to LigaSure during total thyroidectomy.

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