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Title : Chronic suppurative otitis media with or without aural polyp

Abstract :

Aural polyp which is a reddish mass in external auditory canal in many cases of CSOM. The aim of this study is to evaluate frequency and site of origin of aural polyp in cases of CSOM and if there is relation of the presence of aural polyp and severity of disease (CSOM). Retrospective study of patient undergone ear exploration (canal wall up or canal wall down) in period from march 2017 to march evaluate. A retrospective study of 256 patients with CSOM.144 male and 112 female with mean age 29.2±12.9 were included in this study. 103patients with aural polyp (72 patients with tubotympanic and 31 patients with atticoantral type) and 153 patients without polyp (97 patients with tubotympanic type and 56 patients with atticoantral type. Aural polyp is not associated with increased incidence of complications or bone erosion in CSOM disease.

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