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Title : Cesarian Section Delivery and its Effect on the Incidence of Placenta Previa and Abruptio Placentae

Abstract :

Section as caesarean is a surgical technique where the incision done via women uterus (hysterectomy) and abdomen (laparotomy) for delivering one or extra babies. In every former c/s, previa of placenta and abruption risk upsurge. The study aim is to observe the relation between the former caesarean section (CS) and previa of placenta and abruption in such pregnancy. A study as retrospective was performed throughout (July 1st 2018 and August 20th 2019) in Teaching Hospital of Al-Zahraa. Throughout the study period of, one hundred and nineteen pregnant women (PW) of scar former history admitted to the hospital for c/s or vaginal delivery, seventy of PW are diagnosed as with previa of placenta and of abruption of placenta via ultrasound and verified throughout delivery. Another forty nine PW were with NO complication. PW with APH because of other reasons were omitted. Information was gathered through comprehensive history. Official settlements and verbal consent of all PW were taken. Statistical analysis was done via utilizing the SPSS and suitable statistical tests were performed.

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