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Title : Case report: Evaluation of socket shield technique (SST) VS. Conventional Immediate implant placement in esthetic zone

Abstract :

Bone resorption and gingival recession after dental implant placement consider a big challenge to physician specially in the esthetic zone, so many techniques have been developed to preserve hard and soft tissues, Socket shield Technique preserve bone and gingival tissue by maintaining blood supply and periodontal ligament in implantation site. Evaluate the Hard and Soft tissues in this case of post extraction and immediate implant placement by applying socket shield technique comparing with traditional technique. This clinical case was carried at department of oral and maxillofacial surgery at Hama university. This study included two implant of post extraction and immediate implant placement at same patient. The age of patient was 22 years. The case was divided into two techniques, first implant: traditional Postextraction and immediate implant placement, second implant was Postextraction and immediate implant placement applied with socket shield technique (SST) bone graft was applied with temporized prosthetic fabricated by using the same crowns natural teeth, final prosthetic crown and functional loading were done according to ISQ values, The Hard and Soft tissues preservation were observed after 3 and 6 months of surgery. There was difference in comparison of soft tissue (PES) Index between two techniques (SST and conventional) according to the time on 3 month and 6 months, (SST) Helped to maintain soft tissues at 3 and 6 months after surgery more than conventional technique. So according to final soft tissue appearance on 6 months follow up we found that SST is safe and provides better esthetic results compared with the conventional technique in radiographic variable marginal bone lose of socket shield technique showed a difference (0.13 mm) after three months and (0.2 mm) after six months of surgery so SST is good technique and helps to maintain alveolar ridge at immediate implant placement sites, compared with the conventional technique showed a difference (0.38 mm) after 3 months and (0.75 mm) after 6 months, so SST had maintained the vascular supply with the help of the remaining PDL and provided better results. This article showed that socket shield is a sensitive technique and have a positive effect in preserving of gingival tissues and bone through follow up time and better than conventional technique. So, it is recommended to use SST because it provides good esthetic results in immediate implant placed in esthetic anterior region.

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