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Title : Carbothera therapy and factors that affect its efficacy to treat diabetic foot

Abstract :

DM is a metabolic disorder of multiple aetiology, of chronic hyperglycaemia with carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism disturbances, resulting from defects in insulin secretion, insulin, action, or both. People with diabetes are at increased risk of peripheral arterial disease and neuropathy, as well as having a higher risk of developing infections and decreased ability to clear infections. Therefore, people with diabetes are prone to frequent and often severe foot problems and a relatively high risk of infection, gangrene and amputation., now a days we use a new modality to treat diabetic foot which called carbothera which is soda –spa as carbon dioxide dissolved in worm water, named as Soda path. 800 patients were included in this study which was performed in diabetic and endocrine centre in Iraq \ Thi qar during the period from (2017_2020) randomly, exclusion criteria was patients with neuropathy, burn and fungal infection…The patients was male and female and their age was ranging from 7 to 82, all of them underwent investigations in form of random blood sugar, glucoseurea, renal function test, hba1c…the instrument was used is autoanalyzer, and specific type of kits. In our study we found a great relationship between sessions number and smoking, sex, occupation and history of injury on the other hand there was no significant association with age, concomitant disease, address and type of therapy.

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