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Title : Beta vulgaris L. juice Improves Liver Enzymes of Cigarette Exposed Male Wistars

Abstract :

Cigarette smoke penetrates the body as a free radical that triggers damage caused by oxidative stress. Persistent exposure to cigarette smoke can cause cell and organ injury, including the liver. Biomarkers of ALT and AST may detect liver injury, and free radicals in the body can be reduced by exogenous antioxidants, such as Beta vulgaris L., which has the potential as a potent antioxidant. This study was purposed to identify the effect of Beta vulgaris L. on the ALT and AST levels in male Wistar rats treated with cigarette smoke. This research used twenty-four male Wistar rats selected by simple random sampling and divided into 4 groups. This study applied cigarette smoke exposure and Beta vulgaris L. juice administration at a dose of 8 mL/kg BW/day and 16 mL/kg BW/day. The outcomes were AST dan ALT levels in the blood. Statistical analysis was conducted using the One Way ANOVA posthoc Bonferroni test. Data of AST and ALT levels are normally distributed (p>0,05) with same data variance (p>0,05). Analysis of AST level data using Bonferroni's One Way ANOVA posthoc test showed significant differences in AST levels between the 4 groups (p<0.05). The results of the ALT level data test showed a significant difference in ALT levels (p<0.05) between group N and group P1 & P2, group K(-) and group P1 & P2, and between- group P1 and P2. There is no significant difference in ALT levels between group N and K(-) (p>0.05). Administration of Beta vulgaris L.. juice affected AST and ALT levels in male Wistar rats exposed to cigarette smoke. The AST and ALT levels of the group given Beta vulgaris L. juice at a dose of 16 mL/kg BW/day were lower than those given Beta vulgaris L. juice at an 8 mL/kg BW/day.

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