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Title : Berry Syndrome Diagnostic Approach by CT Angiography

Abstract :

Berry syndrome is extremely rare multiple cardiac congenital anomalies that consist of; interrupted aortic arch, aortopulmonary window, but intact ventricular septum. To describe the advantages of CTA as one of the best modalities to diagnose berry syndrome which is able to display detailed morphology and anatomy of the heart, great vessels, and adjacent organs. A 4-month old baby boy has undergone CTA examination by giving iodinated contrast agent (370 mg/ml) 10 ml IV under sedation. The trigger scanning point was put on the cava superior vein. The findings are AP window of 1.9 cm, no aortic knob, PDA of 0.5 cm, and no defect on the ventricle or atrial septum. The findings were concluded as berry syndrome. CTA is non-invasive imaging that is believed as essential imaging of berry syndrome along with echocardiography. CTA with the radiation dose reduction technology is believed to have improved accuracy and reliability.

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