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Title : Awareness and Perceived Practice of Diabetic Patients Regarding Pre-Travel Counseling at Dammam and Qatif, Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Abstract :

Pre-travel counseling for diabetic patients is an area that requires improvement in Saudi Arabia. Diabetic travelers often encounter various challenges and complications, adding to the importance of providing adequate pre-travel counseling. This study aimed to assess the awareness and perceived practice of diabetic patients regarding pre-travel counseling in Dammam and Qatif, KSA. A cross-sectional study was conducted on diabetic patients attending primary healthcare centers in Dammam and Qatif cities, Saudi Arabia, from November 2022 to April 2023. A total of 380 diabetic patients participated in this study. The results revealed that 67.4% of the diabetic respondents had a low level of awareness regarding pre-travel counseling. Regarding practice, 44.5% of the participants did not seek advice on diabetic care while traveling. Significant associations were found between the level of awareness and the sector, type of treatment, Hgb A1c, and history of travel. Furthermore, the level of perceived practice was significantly associated with gender, sector, and level of awareness (p≤0.05). This study concludes that a significant proportion of the participants demonstrated a poor level of awareness and practice. There was a notable disparity between the level of awareness and perceived practice. These findings emphasize the need to enhance the level of awareness and practice among diabetic travelers.

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