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Title : Autphagy inhibitor and inducer effect on cdkn2a in cancer cell line

Abstract :

The results of numerous studies have revealed that autophagy(a physiological cellular process for the degradation and elimination of misfolded proteins and damaged organelles that functions in adaptation to starvation, development, cell death, and tumor suppression) affect cancer cell viability and treatment with anticancer agents, also some cancer related gene(ex:cdkn2a, atumor suppressor gene) were affected (decrease or increase) as a results when the cancer cell were treated with anticancer agents, or with anticancer plus autophagy inhibitor or inducer agent the viability of the cell will decrease or increase and the tumor suppressor gene also affected. in the present study, the in vitro cytotoxicity effects of different drug (cisplatin, metformin and hydroxychloroquine) was measured by using crystal violet technique, the results showed significant (p ≤0.005) anticancer activity on colorectal cancer SW480 cell line and lung cancer A549 cell line at different concentrations. In the present study, firstly an attempt has made to exam the effect of different agents on lung cancer A549 cell line and colorectal cancer SW480 cell line. Experiments done over incubation period 24 hours after exposure to different agents.

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