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Title : Attitudes toward Domestic Violence against Women in Baghdad City

Abstract :

Violence against women is a violation of human rights based on gender discrimination. The violence has severe health consequences for the affected; it is a social problem that warrants an immediate coordinated response from multiple sectors. It can be seen in any segment of society and every individual regardless of culture, education level, income, social class, ethnicity or age. The aim of study is to assess the attitudes of women towards domestic violence. A descriptive (cross-sectional) design study was chosen to fulfill the objectives of this research which is conducted at the period from 1st of August 2020 to 1st of June, 2021. The study sample consists of (100) women who are exposed to domestic violence and agree to answer questionnaire. The questionnaire data was filled by the researcher by face-to-face (interview) in primary healthcare centers in Baghdad city. The data were collected and analyzed through the application of descriptive statistical data analysis of (frequency, percentage) and inferential statistics (Chi-Square) were applied. The results of the study showed that the highest percentage (31.0%) of women within aged group (20-30years), (36.0%) of them married and (33.0%) was divorced, (27.0%) of the sample graduated from high school, regarding to do you have a job (63.0%) no have job, (53.0%) of the sample was owner housing, nucleus family type (55.0%), barely sufficient in socioeconomic status (46.0%). The study concluded that the attitudes towards violence against women were found to be more positive in women, domestic violence experienced by women, particularly at the hand of the husband, the domestic violence against woman is impose opinion, the beating is a forms of violence that women face, hitting of woman used different way violence, The family disagreements is the reasons that made the man hit the woman. The study recommended routine screening for women for any type of domestic violence during fertile age. Also using mass media, availability of health services and support and enhance cooperation between health centers, social agencies, justice and police with enforcing laws and search for promoting and protecting women's rights.

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