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Title : Association of Renal Angina Index (RAI) With Mortality in Critically Ill Children

Abstract :

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a disruption in kidney function that is acute and generally reversible. Study showed that AKI developed in 26.9 patient and incidence of stage 2 and 3 reached 11.6% during 7 days of treatment in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Renal Angina Index (RAI) recently proposed to be tool for stratification of critical patient based on risk for AKI. Early screening tool such as RAI was believed to be helpful in assessing mortality rate and optimal treatment especially for pediatrics patient in critical condition and there was limited resources about RAI to date. To determine the relationship between the Renal Angina Index and mortality in critically ill children. A retrospective study in critically ill children who were treated in tertiary public hospital. Renal Angina Index is calculated in the first 24 hour of admission. Samples were collected from June-July 2019. Of the 101 subjects, 58.4% of them were male, largely distributed in 1-12 months group (31.7%), 64.4% with RAI ≥ 8 and mortality rate of 38,6% There was significant association between Renal Angina Index and mortality (p<0.05) with adjusted odd ratio 3,191 (95% CI: 1,266-8,042). Renal Angina index is significantly associated with mortality in critically ill children.

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