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Title : Association between mean platelet volume to platelet count (MPV/platelet) ratio and mortality in critically ill children

Abstract :

Mean platelet volume (MPV) had been linked to prognosis in many studies. It is widely available in daily clinical practice and has minimal economic burden. Previous adult study reported that the MPV to platelet count (MPV/platelet) ratio is superior to the MPV alone in predicting mortality in certain condition. To analyse the association between MPV/platelet ratio and mortality in critically ill children. A prospective cohort study was conducted on patients admitted to pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). Platelet indices were measured on the first and third day of PICU admission. Mortality during PICU admission were recorded. 80 subjects were recruited. MPV/platelet ratio on day 3 were statistically different between survivors and non-survivors group [ 3.8 (0.06-63.1) vs 7.5 (1.49-36.2), p = 0.037]. Increased MPV/platelet ratio on day 3 was associated with higher mortality (p=0.048), while increased MPV alone was not (p=0.693). Multivariate analysis showed that increased MPV/platelet ratio on day 3 (OR=5.8 (95% CI 1.25-27.30), p= 0.025) was one of independent predictor factors of mortality. Increased MPV/platelet ratio on day 3 was significantly associated with higher mortality. Clinical application of MPV/platelet ratio as prognostic predictor in critically ill children needs further study.

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