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Title : Assessment of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Food Intakes in Online Motorcycle Taxi Drivers

Abstract :

Online motorcycle taxi drivers have risk of being exposed to vehicle air pollution, especially with smoking habits. Cigarette smoke can increase lipid peroxidation from PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid) by triggering oxidative stress. Low concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids cause dysfunction in dopaminergic system associated with smoking dependence and craving. The purpose was to assess omega-3 fatty acid food intakes in online motorcycle taxi drivers. The research design was case-control method. Measurement of omega-3 intake was using FFQ and 24-hour recall. This research was conducted in Kali Rungkut, Surabaya City, in May-August 2020. The data analysis method used in this research was descriptive analysis. This research involved 49 respondents in the Rungkut area of Surabaya City, it can be concluded that they were not consuming enough food that contains omega-3. The results of omega-3 intake showed that all respondents were in the category of less intake of foods containing omega-3 (<1,600 mg) and average total intake of foods containing omega-3 was 226.47 mg. The most consumed omega-3s by respondents were eggs (an average of 19.46 mg/day) and chicken (an average of 10.74 mg/day), both of which contain low omega-3. Meanwhile, based on data collection per day with a 24-hour dietary recall, it was known that the average daily consumption of respondents is only 249.05 mg. Therefore, it was necessary to further analyze the processing pattern of the food consumed and the factors that influence their diet.

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