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Title : Assessment and Evaluation of Oxidative Stress of Some Enzymatic Antioxidants, Urea and Malondialdehyde in Chronic Hypertensive Pregnants in Basrah Governorate – Iraq

Abstract :

Hypertension disease is one of the biological, biochemical, and physiological disorders which infect most people especially pregnant women. The current research was performed to assess and evaluate the concentrations of glutathione -S – transferase (GST), catalase (CAT), malondialdehyde and urea in blood serum belonging to different hypertensive pregnants in Basrah Governorate – Iraq according to age and embryo sex factors for these pregnants. Catalase recorded a high significant decreasing (p***<0.0001) in all women depending on age and embryo sex of pregnants while GST recorded only a significant decreasing (p**<0.01) in the third age trimester (34-43 years). Urea showed a highly significant increase (p***<0.001) in patients pregnants in the three age trimesters and embryo sex (male and female) whereas malondialdehyde recorded a high significant increasing (p***<0.001) in the first and third age trimesters and significant increasing (p**<0.01) according to embryo sex.

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