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Title : Antibacterial activity of alkaloid compound Methoxy phenyl –Oxime (C8H9N02 ) isolated and purified from leaf of Conocarpus lancifolius Engl

Abstract :

Identification of the useful components present in medicinal plants can lead to a better understanding of their pharmacokinetics, toxicity, metapolism, and simple isolation resulting in development of the best and most effective medications. Conocarpus lancifolius plant was collected on March, 2020 from Basrah governorate, Southern of Iraq. Biochemical test for alkaloid compounds was done for all parts of plant alone (leaf, fruit, root, flower) that appeared the existence of alkaloid in leaves only. Extraction for alkaloid compounds was done by using three solvents (methanol, water, dichloromethane) that revealed methanol is superior to other two solvents with a significant differences at level of p>0.05. of a value reached (1.6%g) whereas, values for both water and dichloromethane solvents were reached (0.96%) (0.146%) respectively. GC-MS-analysis was carried out for leaf methanolic alkaloid extract that appeared one main peak of alkaloid compound, methoxy phenyl oxime C8H9N02 at R.T reached 5.2min with area% reached 42.02%. Identification, separation and purification for MPO compound was done by using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) technique that resulting in appearance of one peak in 280 wave length at R.T reached 10.4 min. Antibacterial activity of purified MPO compound that using three concentrations(100,150,200 μl) revealed that (200 μl) cons was superior of a value reached(20.9mm) to each other two cons (150,100 μl) that reached (18.6mm), (17.6)respectively with a significant differences at a level of p>0.05.thus, Antibacterial activity (as average) against B.subtillus that reached 21.55 mm was superior to that against each of E.coli and K. pneumonia that reached 19.44mm and 17.11mm respectively with a significant differences at a level of p>0.05,whereas ,there is no significant differences of antibacterial activity against S. aureus.ith values of MIC that reached (35,55,95,95, μl) for B.subtillus, S.aureus E.coli and K. pneumonia respectively. Hemolytic cytotoxicity of the MPO molecule, on the other hand, was found to be 1.22 percent in healthy human erythrocytes.

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