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Title : Anti-COVID-19 vaccine movements and the mental unity of the masses

Abstract :

It is useful to view the anti-vaccine movements in the light of current social psychology, psychoanalysis, and biomedical insights. The study of the formation, types, motivations and other characteristics of the psychological masses can guide us in the creation of effective vaccination strategies, important in the context of COVID-19. A search was carried out with the key terms "hesitancy", "refusal", "vaccination", "anti-vaccination", "movement", "social", "psychology", "COVID-19" between the years 2019 and 2022. The Scopus, Google Scholar, Taylor & Francis, Mendeley and PubMed Central databases were consulted. Three hundred and sixty-one documents were retrieved and after filtering, as shown in figure 2, Thirty-three were chosen for the construction of the document. This selected literature was correlated as much as possible with the landmark works of Le Bon and Freud on crowd psychology. The most relevant thing that is analyzed here is the very probable validity today of the ideas of the French doctor and psychologist and the Viennese psychoanalyst in the understanding of the anti-vaccine masses. Helpful ideas from these two authors are also found that serve to complement and improve strategies currently used to promote immunization, and some suggestions for these strategies are given at the end. Credible and influential authorities, government entities, legislation, and health providers must dispel misinformation. They must be supported by experts in marketing, graphic design, etc. so that the contents of pro-vaccination propaganda have a greater impact on people than the media used by the anti-vaccine masses. As expert professionals we must improve strategies to improve the acceptance of vaccination.

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