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Title : Anatomical positions of Impacted Wisdom teeth in the lower jaw in young patients evaluated by 3D imaging in Kirkuk city

Abstract :

Third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, are the most distal (posterior) of the three molars found in each quadrant of the human dentition, they usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25years. Third molars should ideally erupt and be properly aligned with the rest of the teeth. However, these third molars are frequently misaligned, which can result in crowding of the teeth, damage to adjacent teeth, and, in rare cases, cystic pathology or root resorption. To describe the incidence of impaction of wisdom teeth in young patients in Kirkuk city, and study the different anatomical positions of wisdom teeth also architectural histology of wisdom teeth. Fifty patients with impacted wisdom teeth in the lower arch, with ages ranging from (17–25) years were taken from dental specialized centers and from private clinics in Kirkuk city during the period from November 2021 to February 2022. Informed permission was obtained from the Kirkuk health directorate to perform this study. All the patients with impaction are included in rage age, and above the age of 25 years were excluded from this study. After taking a CBCT for the patient, evaluation of the impacted wisdom teeth begin for all the cases which were 50 cases, firstly determine the number of wisdom teeth impacted in the lower arch either in the left or right. The 27 of patients (54 %) were female while the male was 23 patients (46%). In all 50 samples, there were 22% of cases which is 11 patients have one wisdom tooth impacted. 78% of cases which are 39 patients of the samples with two teeth impaction. This study targets the ents between the ages (17-25) with impacted lower wisdom teeth living in Kirkuk city, Iraq. The mean age, when diagnosed, was 21.84 years old. In this study, clinical data were collected from the specialized dental center in Kirkuk, which has a policy of using DPT for all new patients with impacted 3M. 1. gender prevalence in 3M impaction are more in the female than male, vertically impaction & Mesially impacted are more percentage of impaction than other types of impactions so the majority of patients were referred for surgical removal of symptomatic impacted wisdom teeth. Horizontal impaction is less than vertical & mesial impaction, The least percent of impaction is distal impact. No transverse Buccal or lingual impaction is seen in this study. Type B (OS with the level of CEJ OF the second molar) impaction is most relevant in this study. and no histological difference was seen in this study in comparison with other studies’ findings.

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