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Title : Anaphylactic reaction following local injection of corticosteroid: A constituent was confirmed as an allergen through immediate skin test

Abstract :

Second trimester uterine rupture is rare and presents with life threatening emergency. Few cases have been reported in literature. Most of the cases which have been reported are with the use of labor-induction agents in late termination of pregnancy. Others are involving any surgical procedures in placenta percreta or scarred uterus. The main contributory factors were scarred uterus and abnormal placentation. In this study, uterine rupture had occurred in unscarred uterus in non-laboring women in second trimester without any intervention which is very rare to found. The lack of index of high suspicion diverts attention to search for other non-gynecological causes. Our aim is to create awareness through this case study to avoid delay in diagnosis and timely management of such cases.

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