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Title : Analyzing the Level of Depression, Anxiety and Stress of Students at the University during COVID-19

Abstract :

Nowadays, COVID-19 has broadly attacked several psychological aspects of students during lectures at university, but it is still unknown accurately which psychological aspects more impacted and which factors that triggered them. This study aims to determine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on levels of depression, anxiety and stress in students. A cross-sectional online survey study was adopted in this study. Subjects (n=85) came from five universities in Indonesia and had differences in demographics. The measurement of depression, anxiety and stress level was using DASS-21. Data were analyzed using Chi-square and univariate analysis. Results indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic caused level of depression, anxiety and stress in students to be in the normal range, mild to moderate and there was a significant relationship between demographic variables and levels of depression, anxiety and stress. It can be concluded that COVID-19 has a fairly strong impact on students’ depression, anxiety and stress aspects, while undergoing physical education courses. This research is benefit for lecturers in carrying out physical education lectures, so they can optimize student academic achievement in the COVID-19 era.

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